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Since inception, Hometree Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd had expanded and grew into one of the world leading brand for wireless charging technology. With our daily obsession in new edge technology, we have designed and manufactured products that are practical, multi-functional bring convenience to our users.

Design Identification (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Hometree™ head office is prominently located in Singapore, primary role is to lead the brand building, sales & marketing and is put in charge of overseeing the whole operation of Hometree™.

Hometree™ are founded to combine smart technologies that improve our daily lifestyle coupled with some natural element to create convenience, functional and elegant finished product. We design, manufacture, quality check our products based on safety standard across the globe to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction. 

At Hometree™, our product goes through stringent quality check from assembly lines down to those mini electronics components, as we take pride with in our products quality. Our company basically took every stage of the manufacturing very seriously, all parts of the product are produced by our own factory and designed by our very own engineers and designers.

For Distributors & Reseller, feel free to contact Design Identification (Singapore) Pte Ltd. Our Friendly team will help you sign up.

Brand Company/R&D Center:
HomeTree Technology(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd

Head Office:
Design Identification(Singapore) PTE LTD
T: +65 6848 7250/53
A: Blk 10, Ubi Crescent, #05-21 Ubi Techpark, Lobby B,Singapore 408564

China Factory:
Guangzhou Fu Yin Electronics Co.,Ltd
T: +86-20-34569940
A: 3rd Floor Fuli Electronics Factory, Koushuiheng Ecnomic Zone, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China, 511450


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3rd Floor Fuli Electronics Factory, Koushuiheng Ecnomic Zone, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China, 511450

More Than Lifestyle

We respect the original and would like to share our creative designs with more people. The design team in our company has become stronger than ever before . More new products have come out and have been recognized by the market. We always believe that creativity can change a life, and hope that we can deliver the idea of design to more users together.