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How long does the Maglapm take to charge? How long is the battery life per charge?

The Maglamp will take 1 hour to be fully charged and it could be continuously lighted for up to 1 hour.

How do I activate Motion Sensor Mode?

Maglamp has 2 mode, 1 is stationary “ON” and another is “Off” Motion Sensor Mode. To activate Motion Sensor Mode, simply touch the bottom of the Maglamp till the light is “off”

Why doesn’t the Maglight activate when in motion sensor mode?

The room must be in complete darkness before the Maglamp will auto light up when detect movement.

Why doesn’t the light auto off after motion sensor activated?

When motion sensor activated, the light will auto “off” after 20 seconds. The 20 seconds will start only after it has detected no movement. Simply touch the bottom of the Maglamp to off it immediately.

Why does the Maglamp and Egg can’t charge while light is “ON”?

Egg light on and charging at the same time, it will damage the battery and shorten the battery life.

How do I know if the Maglamp and egg is charging?

When connect to charger, both the Maglamp and the Egg light will have a RED LED lighted.

How to stick Maglamp on the wall?

Step 1 - Peel the 3M tape on the WALL mount stand.

Step 2 - Ensure the Maglamp is upright

Step 3 – With your thumb pressure down on the stand to the wall for about 5 seconds

Step 4 – Let the 3M Tape Settle down for about 30 min

Step 5 – Mount the Maglamp on to the Stand


Model and function description

YT-M1602- L2 – Lamp, wireless charging

YT-M1602-B2/B2S : Lamp, wireless charging, Bluetooth Speaker

How do I know which model had I brought?

The product information is at the bottom of the Tray, your model number is also stated there

How do I on/off the lamp?

While in Sleep mode, simply press and hold any dot for 3 second to cancel the sleep mode and the light will turn brighter when deactivated.

How do I adjust the brightness of the lamp?

Ensure the lamp is lighted, slide your finger along the six dots. The smallest dot to be dimmest and the largest dot to be the brightest.

How do I activate sleep mode?

Ensure the Lamp is lighted. Press and hold any dot for 3 second. The sleep mode is activated, you will see the lamp light dimmed. 30 minutes after activation, the light will automatically turn off.

How do I cancel sleep mode?

While in Sleep mode, simply press and hold any dot for 3 second to cancel the sleep mode and the light will turn brighter when deactivated.

How to set up Bluetooth speaker?

Step 1: “On” the Bluetooth function on phone or laptop

Step 2: Search for the device “HOMETREE_B-1103”

Step 3: Select Pair Devices

Step 4: After Pair proceed to connect the device

Step 5: play your music

(For NFC Ready speaker and NFC ready phone)

Step 1: “On” the NFC function on your mobile phone

Step 2: Place your phone above the NFC receiver on top of the speaker.

Step 3: Authorization Menu will pop up click “OK” and your device is pair

Step 4: Play your music