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In Chinese culture, magpies are birds that symbolize good luck and happiness. Combining minimalist elements like magpie figurines, eggs, and tree branches, the Maglamp is a high-design, illuminated and interactive sculpture that is endlessly functional, and brings peace and prosperity to your home.

The sleek wooden "tree" structure plugs into the wall, and features an integrated, wireless charging system in one branch and the base. By placing the eggs or removable birds on these magnetic surfaces, you can store them, display them, and charge the tiny LEDs inside. The birds and eggs also feature sensors, so they light up as you approach, and turn off again when you leave, saving effort and energy, while keeping every roomy cheery and lit.

You can even pick up and move the birds and the eggs, using them like tiny, whimsical torches, to light your way through the house, or provide candlelight to ready by, and then return them to their perch when they need to recharge.

Product Details

Materials Wood, ABS, Pc, Silicon, Melamine
Measurements 7"L x 7"W x 12"H
— Warranty: 1 Year
— Includes Tree Base, Two Birds, One Or Two Egg
— Wireless Charging
— Full Charge In Approx. 30 Minutes